Comercializadora e Importadora Palemo Services

Importation & Exportation of goods.

Importation & Exportation services under own name and support to third parties in general goods & products. In importation and exportation processes  the service include the logistic & the customs process and the searching process of looking for a potential supplier & customers.

National & international logistic coordination.

It takes the tracing and the control of the operations as a fundamental part in the trading process of goods. 
We take care of identifying the best options and prices for the logistics requirements of our clients operations.

Customs consultancy.

CIP offers consultancy and training services in foreign trade and customs terms with processes that allow us detect opportunities areas and potential developments, adapting to the needs and specific requirements of our customers.

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Commercial alliances. 

We keep important alliances with important companies that their services are focus to the foreign trade, such as customs agencies around the country and shipping companies with a competitive prices.

Other consultancies areas.

  • Permissions and certificates processing of different government secretaries.
  • Management compensations.
  • Certification process management. 
  • Consultancy for origin revision.
  • Consultancy for OEA certification.